Building Uses


Agricultural steel buildings are quickly becoming the material of choice for barns and storage facilities for farmers throughout North America.

Airplane Hangars

An I-Beam steel hangar building is customized for aircraft, making it the perfect solution for storing and working on a variety of large machinery.


A prefab residential building created in steel blends elegance and durability in any neighborhood.


I-Beam steel buildings have become popular across the United States for auto shop buildings because they provide more space and functionality for businesses within the automotive realm.


Steel is the most efficient, reliable, and sturdy solution for commercial buildings. They save time and money on materials, labor, maintenance, and are guaranteed to last.


Are you ready to build or expand a small plant or large manufacturing facility, we’re ready to save you money on materials, labor and equipment costs.


Need to ride and train year-round? A prefab riding arena is flexible enough to accommodate any riding style or discipline.


The advantages of choosing prefabricated steel for an office building is fast construction. Developers and real estate investors can save up to 50% on time and material costs.


Clearspan structures that are only available with prefab metal buildings allow for easy configuration and reconfiguration of any recreational space.


Whether you are looking to expand to a larger house of worship or break ground for the first time, a prefabricated steel building is most likely your answer.


As manufacturing in the US increases, the need for pre-engineered metal buildings offer that flexible design, offsite fabrication, and quick erection to handle the demands of this fast-growing industry.